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My Trip to Southern California

A couple of weeks ago, Lucy and I were given the opportunity to head down to Southern California with my parents for a week to visit my Gramps. Mark was unable to go, and we missed him, but we sure didn’t miss the snow and cold!!

This was Lucy’s first airplane flight, and she really did pretty well. Our flights cut into bedtime and nap time, so there was fussiness with that, but the flight itself really didn’t bother her at all. I did lots of research beforehand on how to make it as easy on ourselves as possible (aaaaallll the snacks!). Plus, you know, she’s just a good kid. ????¬†And it helped to have three of us for her to bounce back and forth between.

Sadly, she and my dad both ended up sick on the trip, but she was still in a pretty good mood most of the time, and we still got to do plenty of fun things. And we had lots of fresh vitamin c and d on hand. ūüôā

The things I’ll treasure most from this trip:
Watching Lucy bond with my Gramps.
Getting to show her some of things that I have loved so much, like my Gramps’ backyard, the fresh oranges and orange juice, eucalyptus trees, mountains, tide pools, and the ocean. Oh, and the wonderful food diversity available there!
Taking Lucy to the ocean. Yes, I just said that, but it deserves its own line.
Making these memories with my parents.
How excited Lucy got to FaceTime her daddy.

Anyways, I could go on about the sunshine and the things we got to do, but I’ll just show you some photos. One of the few goals I had for this trip was to take actual photos. You know, the not-on-my-phone kind of photos. And while I did take plenty of those as well, I’m really happy that I got some better ones as well! Mission accomplished.

Lu’s first time picking oranges

Mama hummingbird and her nest

Some of the fire damage from the recent wildfires

Santa Barbara’s giant fig tree

Lu’s first time at the ocean!

Picking avocados

Poking tide pool critters

Mini children’s museum in the Chicago airport on our way home (thank you, Jesus!).

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