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His chubby little hands cupping my face so he can kiss me. Her request for just one more hug and butterfly kiss. His face when he is so excited. Her legs that insist on getting longer and more gangly, tucked up to her chin as she fits herself into my lap. The way he tucks his head into my neck when I carry him. Her belly laugh when Daddy wrestles with her. The things that I wish so fiercely that I could keep forever. But I know that the hand-holding will eventually end, the hugs will get shorter, the snuggles will fade, and the games will change. And just as I look back at the photos of my family and my parents’ families, reliving memories and seeing what mattered to them, someday my “littles” will be big and will look back at ours. And we will relive our memories. And it will all matter.

This is exactly what I focus on when I am photographing families. I want to tell your story, the story of who your family is right now. I want to preserve your moments, and give you tangible bits of the essence of your family to hold onto forever.

I’m so thankful for this craft, this vessel of storytelling, that allows us to freeze and keep our memories unlike anything else. Let’s create space to do that for your family, too.




For investment details and availability, please send a message via the form below. Portrait sessions begin at $250 and average total client investment is typically between $600 and $1200. A full array of high end printed and digital products is available for purchase.

The McIlhanys

Marquette, Michigan

The Skarlupkas

Niagara, Wisconsin

The Mutchlers

Peshtigo, Wisconsin

The Cromells

Marinette, Wisconsin

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