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I’m Not a Hot Mess

Disclaimer: this post is not photography related at all, ha.

Being a mom is hard. Being a parent is hard.
My daughter was given this book, called “I’m Not a Scaredy-Cat” for her last birthday. It’s a very cute book, about this kitty who wants to be brave, but really isn’t (at least not on his own), the things that scare him and a little prayer for kids to pray when they are scared and want God to help them be brave. Lucy loves it, and it’s a fun, quick read. Well, the other day, I had read it to her before I put her down for a nap, and in my small amount of alone time while both kids were napping, a mom-version of the story started forming in my mind. I rather enjoy it, and have actually whispered out the little prayer part a handful of times now, so I thought I’d share and see if other moms could get a kick out of it, and feel a bit more seen and understood, as well. 🙂
(PS: It’s even more fun if you are familiar with the original story by Max Lucado. You can check it out on Amazon here.)
(PPS: Excuse the cell phone photos!)

I’m a good mom. I’m a smart mom. I’m not a hot mess mom. Except when…

My two year old screamed.
Oh my, how I steamed!
I gave her some food,
and out came her mood,
and things got a little extreme. 

The baby at night
Cried til first light.
He kicked and he flailed
He yelled and he wailed
I nearly fled from the sight. 

The laundry impending
Dirty dishes offending
Gosh darn it all
I tried not to bawl
Why is it never-ending?

Has it happened to you?
Here is what I do
When children are dictators or constant debaters,
I say, “God, can I talk to you?”
Then I pray:
“God, this feels like a circus,
But you gave me a purpose.
They’re only here for a spell
So help me love well.”
And I feel less crazy. 

I’m a good mom. I’m a calm mom. I’m not a hot mess mom. Except when…

The baby so cute
Covered me in puke
I hadn’t a rag,
and started to gag.
Well, isn’t this just a hoot?

My husband, mid-meltdown
Said “Honey, calm down!”
I know he meant well,
my worries to quell.
But my, how it made me throw down. 

Are you at your wit’s end?
If so, I’m your friend.
When you feel worn out,
And your heart starts to doubt
Just turn to God and say:
“God, this feels like a circus,
But you gave me a purpose.
It won’t be like this for long
So help me stay strong.”
And you’ll feel less crazy. 

I’m a good mom. I’m a kind mom. I’m not a hot mess mom. Except when…

Solo, I took both kids to the store.
Tantrums galore!
They both missed their naps,
I was ready to snap.
Not losing it was a chore. 

Strangers out and about
Their opinions, give out.
I nod and I smile,
but inside all the while
I’m just trying not to freak out!

My offspring’s neediness full-blown
Offends my raging hormones.
I cover my ears and fight back the tears.
I just want a minute alone!

Next time you feel beat
And dead on your feet
Take time to pray—I know what to say
When motherhood is so bittersweet.
“God, this feels like a circus
But you gave me a purpose.
They’re only here for a spell,
So help me love well.”

Then, you’ll feel less crazy. 

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