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When Being Brave Feels Too Big For You…

Being brave doesn’t necessarily mean bungee jumping, cliff scaling, or sky diving. Being brave doesn’t necessarily mean going door to door passing out Gospel tracts, or leading a giant outreach event, or standing up on stage and telling your life story. Those are certainly all good, brave things (well, except maybe the bungee jumping idea), but sometimes being brave can feel very, very small.
Sometimes being brave means walking out your door in the morning. Sometimes being brave means inviting someone into your home, into your shabby hospitality, even though it’s no where near the way you want it to look, or what you want people to see. Sometimes it means listening to someone, even when you know that you don’t have any of the answers to any of their problems. Sometimes it just means that when you hug your baby, you also let go of them again. Or that you keep doing something you know you’re supposed to be doing, even though it’s difficult every single time you do it. Sometimes it means going to that dinner, even though you are not in any way prepared to impress anyone today.
I’m so thankful that Jesus does not need our brave things to be big things; He only needs them to be listening-and-obeying things. And every listening-and-obeying brave thing is also a victory thing, even when it feels like an incredibly small victory indeed, or maybe doesn’t really feel like a victory at all.
I have brave things to do today. I bet you do too.
Let’s be brave together. Let’s be victorious in Jesus together.


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